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I basically live my life through quotes.

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escalators are better than elevators because when escalators break they turn into stairs but when elevators break they turn into vertical coffins

" Even if we’re married for 23 years,
I still want you to flirt with me. "
- A novel written by me. (via princessariel2323)


when your parents walk in when a sex scene is on 


" When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million, empty words. "
- Thema Davis (via onigiri85)

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honestly i hate when people try to sugar coat shit like if you don’t like me or don’t wanna hang or don’t wanna talk to me just fucking tell me don’t keep ignoring me and expect me to figure out the hint like that’s such a bitch ass move i’d rather hear it from you than be ignored 99% of the fucking time.




if hot dads make hot kids and ugly dads make hot kids then who makes the ugly kids??

ur dad


" Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can. "
- Unknown (via majortvjunkie)

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" this is the remix to ignition "
- (six word story)

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" You’re going to text me one day, and I’m going to be married. "
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